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"How Much Will It Cost?"

Some weddings are casual occasions...others are extravagant productions.   Some weddings have 25 guests and some have 600 guests.  Some weddings have music only for the ceremony while others have me perform for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. 


These are just a few of variables that need to be considered when asking a harpist for pricing.

My performance fee will be determined by gathering information from you about your wedding.  This can be done one of two ways, either by telephone/text (737-280-9232 or 818-433-2221) or e mail (

To determine my performance fee, I will need to know:

1) Date, time and location of your wedding (wedding venue name)

2) How long you would like me to play:

     *Ceremony = 1 hour

     *Ceremony/cocktail hour = 2 hours

     *Ceremony/cocktail hour/reception = 3 or more hours

3) Whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors

4) How many guests will be attending

Once we determine your needs and budget, I will e mail you a Performance Agreement, which you fill out and mail/email back to me with your 50% deposit, which reserves your wedding date. 


I also have you fill out a one page Wedding Questionnaire which helps me determine the specific details of your wedding.  Ceremonies can be detailed and tricky!  Therefore, I will be passing on to you information I have collected from each and every wedding I have ever played before so that you may benefit from my years of experience!

Once I receive the deposit and Agreement, the fun starts!  We speak on the phone and go through everything:  music, how many bridesmaids/groomsmen, if you are having the unity candle or unity sand, the color theme of your wedding, if you will be working with a wedding coordinator, if your vows will be recited through a P.A. system (highly recommended!), if you would like a glissando on the harp while you have your first kiss!, and much more.

So, please contact me with any questions or if you would like to book me.


Audio clips of solo harp available upon request!  :)

*Cell:  737-280-9232 or 818-433-2221

*E Mail:

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